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Our SEO team takes an innovative, intelligent approach to enhance your business ROI with trusted & scalable ethical.

S&M technologies provides top-notch SEO services that helps your business to achieve top positions in the search engine results pages and increases your ROI. We will strategically position your business website in the search results so that your clients/customers can reach you easily.

SEO Audit
A great SEO audit will always produce greater results. A comprehensive website audit would address all the tiny details of the website which makes you to focus on the areas of strength & weakness. A website audit should cover all basic to advanced SEO factors finding out the issues which are not search engine friendly. The motto of the website audit is making the website search engine friendly by following the parameters given by the search engines. SEO results may take time, so there should be an audit on the website on regular intervals.

On-Page SEO
Your website Audit will give some recommendation on the on-page factors. Some of the on-page factors are Meta data, internal link building structure, check the traffic analytics installations, content organization. A well optimized On-Pages are basic foundation for SEO campaigns.

Content Development
We can generate content in various forms. The generic forms of content are articles, market research papers, white papers, blogs, tutorials, and infographics. The content should always have rich appeal and user attractive elements.

S & M Technologies provides cutting edge content solutions to your organization aligned to your business strategy.

SEO Link building
Link building concept is the development of hyperlinks from other website to your own website. The fundamental search engine optimization algorithm concept relies on link building. Larry Page & Sergy brins wrote famous algorithm called backrub which is later turned into Google. According to their research papers in Stanford, Search engine algorithm use links to crawl the web, this algorithm uses links to crawl the entire website and they will crawl from one website to another website. So link building plays a vital role in the entire SEO campaigns.

Code Optimization
Code optimization is the next level of search engine optimization services. Search engines may not rank the pages with top load time, but they will definitely penalize websites with slow page load time. Optimizing HTML will help you in two ways, first it will reduce the page load time so that search engines spiders do not wait for a long time for the page to load, and second one it will present content to both users and machines in an easy understandable format.

We provide the details technical optimization for your website to rank high in the search engines.

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