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Social Media marketing is the buzz word in the Digital Marketing industry. At a glance there are so many social media platforms available online, for instance Facebook is an all-round social networking platform where you can upload videos and photos, create events and do lot of activities. Twitter is designed in a way to spread the short messages and updates. Linkedin is a professional networking site where you can be intouch with peers.

Social Media Marketing in short SMM is one of the powerful ways in the digital marketing umbrella to reach the potential prospects and customers. If you are not on social media then you are missing out great marketing opportunities. Great marketing in the sense an outstanding opportunity to generate leads and sales.

This is a remarkable way to share your content to achieve your business goal. SMM strategies include activities like posting videos, texts, images which encourages user engagements to drive traffic to the targeted website.

Choosing the Social Media Network

FaceBook: Facebook creates a casual environment, you can start promoting your business by creating a Facebook business page. You can drive great amount of traffic to your website with Facebook campaigns. Facebook offers paid advertising programs which is very cost effective and more strategic way to fetch the traffic. Business like ecommerce and other commercial organizations can choose Facebook to reach the targeted consumers.

Twitter: This is a great SMM tool, twitter is one of the great way to create the brand awareness. You can promote your business programs special offers, discount coupons, you can build great number of followers by engaging with their tweets and re-tweets.

Linkedin: Linked is a professional networking site and a great resource for business to business organizations. Here you can generate business leads in a great way, and you can reach out to the targeted client in a professional manner.

Google Plus: Once Google Plus was treated as a potential competitor to Facebook, but unable to catch up the expectation. But there are still very good active communities on Google Plus. You can take benefit of Google plus circles you can share your videos, photos, view your +1s to promote your products and services.

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